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Dolly Wink

Most of you know that I do use, since last summer, the liquid eyeliner from Tsubasa Masuwaka's Dolly Wink cosmetic product line. Now I am thinking about buying some of the eyelashes and some other things from Dolly Wink. I am not sure yet, because if I would buy everything I want it would cost me about 80USD in this shop I found this shop today and they have every product from Dolly Wink. It's great! But not cheap... Well Dolly Wink isn't so cheap like everybody maybe thought.

The products I am interested in are the following ones:

As eylashes I want the No.1 Dolly Sweet and the No.8 Pure Little
Next would be the Eyelash Case because the eylashes need a place to be, right? And of course the Eylash-glue, but that one isn't needed directly because with the Eylashes there's always a tiny glue thingi in the package. I am also thinking about buying the black Pencil Eyliner but the one I am currently using is so good so I think I will leave the pencil eyeliner out.

And now some of the new things. I couldn't really decide which one to take but I chose the Eye Shadow 04 Green Pink one, because the other ones were with colours I already have as eyeshadows. 

Another really interesting thing is the cream eyeshadow. I am kind of interested in it because it seems to work well as an base for the normal eyeshadow. For this one I chose the Cream Eye Shadow 02 Crystal because it seems to be so shiny~

So now I have to decide if I really need or really want those products. I've read a lot reviews about all those products and everybody seemed to be so pleased with the Dolly Wink products.


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