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Pledge - the Gazette [Lyric translation]

ich hab sie endlich gefunden...

Things I only realized after I’d hurt you,
the number of faults I sought in you
when we should’ve been able to look at each other

Every day was filled with little lies to evade your suspicions,
my heart feels the lost significance on this second winter I’m still standing here

You faltered at a future you couldn’t see, cried out and wept, right?
Unable to search for words I collected your falling tears

Engulfed in loneliness, every day soaks the two of us,
we try to understand and repeat it again, feeling even deeper for one another

It’s not a lie that I felt eternity
Ah, surely next to you…

“I don’t need an “I love you” anymore…”
“I just want you to always be by my side!”
I want to be broken down
by you who’d say this in a hoarse, crying voice

From the start the final words were for you,
so you wouldn’t let go of that arm,
Walking side by side, the same dream tied us together

The little lies change shape and melt into the white snow,
carve into my heart over and over so I won’t forget the lost significance!

I’ll leave “goodbye” here and walk onward,
I won’t ever lose sight of it again

As if confirming our love the two of us have seen much sorrow,
so even if we disappear tomorrow there’s no need to cry

One day the two of us changed just like the passing seasons,
Even if nights come when you’re halted by sorrow
don’t forget
within a deep dream
that has no end 


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