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This is not Halloween

Every once in a while I see my good friends Sui, Ina and Rui for a little meet-up. 
The best days so far! Last weekend we met in Düsseldorf, like most of the time, and spent a really nice day chatting.

As you see, we were all dressed as we love to. A lot of people were staring at us but we ignore them and are used to it now. We call ourselves the "Weird Hair Club", maybe we should make a little Gal Circle called like that hahaha~

picture by Sui
Sui loves to make special pictures and I am somehow always the one ending up doing some with her, but I love the results so much. I think these pictures show how much fun we always have. I would love to post all of the pictures we took, but my favorites should be enough.

picture by Ina

My outfit:

Dress, skirt and belt: Glavil by tutuha
Crop top: Tally Weijl
Tights: Primark
Shoes: UNIF Clothing

make-up shot
Foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadows: M.A.C cosmetics
Lips: Limecrime's Velvetines Black Velvet
Eyelashes: Dolly Wink no.2 + Diamond Lash Charming Eye
Circle Lenses: GEO Ultra

Thanks for reading!
♡ xoxo ♡

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New Beginning

I am back!

Yes, I am back to blogging and yes I promise I'll keep doing so.
As you might have seen already, I changed my blog layout. I made it by myself and I hope you like it. It was a lot of work for me because I am not really good at CSS and html. Anyway, I'm happy with how it turned out! The only thing that might still be changed is the header. 

Why did I decide to come back to blogging?

As you saw, I started blogging totally unregularly and my posts became more and more rare. The reason basically was that I myself changed during the last year. A lot happened in my private life, from relationships to family to university etc. I also changed my look a lot. I feel like I am happy with how my life is now and that this is how I want to be. 
I have to say that the beginning of all of this was a break-up because I started to change afterwards. The fact that I live in Cologne now, is also a big part. I can be myself more here and I have my greatest friends closely around here too. What do I want more? I am lucky to say that I don't have much these days I have to worry about, not like last year. 

What are my upcoming posts about?

As the description below the blog title says already, this will be a fashion and lifestyle blog. I know that it was one like that before, but now I will try to post things that really interest people. I know by myself that reading about seeing friends all the time might get boring but blogging about meet-ups, fashion and travels is way more interesting.

If there's anything you want to see on my blog, please let me know!

♡ xoxo ♡

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Weekend with my cuties

It's been a while!
First, I really have to apologize to you, my dear readers. I know I said that I would blog more again but I didn't and I obviously didn't. How my life is at the moment, I really didn't feel like blogging anymore. I really like to share things like meet-ups and my travels with you but for other things, well I don't think you're interested in my normal boring life.

If you want to keep updated anyway, you can follow me on instagram (@sutewi), twitter (@sutewi) or tumblr ( I post more regularly on twitter and instagram and I sometimes write in my tumblr too, beside using it for reblogging stuff I like. I am currently going through a little change regarding my looks. First step was my ear stretch and now I got a vertical labret piercing. Here's the first picture of it:

Do you like it? I love it so much and I get so many compliments from friends and even people I nearly don't know ;^; so happy! I wanted this piercing since I was 16 years old so it was kind of like a dream came true. Oh and this was my make-up and hair for the event, what I wanted to blog about! 

On saturday I met with Sui, Ina and Ruiza in Düsseldorf. Laura a friend of Sui and Ina joined us too We didn't see each other since the big meet-up and we decided to do so because the Harajuku Fashion Walk took place that afternoon and all of us were free. We met at the main station and saw the big group but while Ruiza was doing Sui's hair, we turned around and the group was gone. We had to laugh about it because we missed when the group left even though they were so colourfull and stood out of the mass. The 5 of us decided to walk around alone and go to the new Bubble Tea shop "Sphere Bay" where a little maid event took place. The maids were friends from Sui and there were some other people we knew too so it was really nice. After that we went to TenTen and later went a bit shopping together. We took the time to make pictures together at Sphere Bay.

Ruiza, Sui, Ina and me

I personally love our pictures, so I'll post all I have 8D

And of course I had to proove again that it's really hard to take a serious picture of me:

But the good thing is: none of us can be serious 8D

guess you can get why I love Ina so much :D

flying Sui making-off picture xD

My outfit for that day:

headband: lockshopwigs, dress: Glavil by tutuha, top: Skinny Lip, vest: Topshop, leggings: bought in Harajuku

I guess that's it then for today :3 Hope you liked it! And I hope some of you might check my other blogs and profiles too. This week is the heidi. concert in Cologne where I will go together with Ruiza and Sasha, can't wait!

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