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WB Studio Tour London: Making Of Harry Potter

Hello again~
Today I take the time to blog about my visit to the Warner Bros Studios in London. I planned this trip since a really long time with my friend K. and we finally managed to book in february along with my roommate and best friend Caro. We spent about five days in London and on one we went to see the Studio Tour all together. I think it was my happiest day of the whole year.

Let's enter the Magical World!

(A stupid picture to start because I don't think I looked like usual on any picture taken that day. Either I pulled a derp face or I was smiling like an idiot.)

Okay I have a serious problem right now to write what's in my mind because all the memories come back and I would just write everything. I'll try to keep it short for you guys. 

 ✝ ✝ ✝

We arrived at around 11am if I remember right, because you're supposed to be there early enough to get your tickets and digital guides. We took the time we had, about an hour, to look around the shop. We entered on time, with a whole cue of other people and had to sit inside a movie theater room. I won't spoil too much but this, I have to tell you. So if you don't want to ruin your trip: skip this part until the coming picture. 
In this movie theater like room, a really nice staff guy welcomed us and said one thing which was really nice "Look at your neighbour next to you and say hi if you don't know each other. You all have one thing in common: you love Harry Potter!" Might not sound so great but in that moment I thought that he's right and no one inside would judge the other for geeking too much. The staff said "Okay now let's watch all 8 Harry Potter movies! See you tomorrow~" on to what everyone laughed. Of course it weren't the movies we got shown but a little Introduction to the studios, in which Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talked about their experience in these Studios. (I'm shaking as I'm writing this ...) I don't remember everything but I remember that I began shaking and my heart was beating so fast. One of the last sentences which really touched me was "It was our home for 11 years". This simple and really short sentence made my eyes flush with tears. They entered the great hall in the movie through the doors and said we should come with them and enjoy our time. (I'm still shaking) The screen got pulled up and we were sitting right in front of the doors of the Great Hall. I still wonder how I managed not to cry but the 3 of us were shaking and hugging each other in complete happiness and went inside nearly as the last people. From there on the whole visit was an emotional rollercoaster for me but it was so worth it!

let's enter the Magical World!
The studios were really nicely set up and you went throug different parts of the castle. First were the booths with the staff and the make-up artists to show who and how the magic was made. It was also really nice to have the Digital Guide on which Tom Felton tells you about each stop and includes personal views too. I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves now. I won't post that many pictures, because I took way too many, I'll just show you my favorites. Some of the pictures of myself are taken by Caro, thanks again!

 Part of the costumes in th Great Hall. I am so sorry that I can't show you more pictures. I was still shaking like crazy and most of my pictures came out blurry. And we had to get out for the next group way too early, so I couldn't wait a bit until I could calm down.

decoration from the Christmas Ball

Griffindor's common room with the outfits of Hermione, Harry and Ron from the 3rd movie

the Leaky Cauldron's corridor

This is one of the many set-up's you wouldn't think they are made that way. This was a quite small Installation of wood, no corridor to walk in. I took the picture as if you would be standing inside :3 

the Chamber of Secrets

It was a pity that you couldn't explore the whole office. There were so many details in it I would love to see up close. But with the Digital Guide, you get pictures from the Telescope up in the office.

A part of the requisits I loved was the Ministry of Magic! I so wanted to see the fireplaces and buidlings they used. They only showed a really small part but it was so exciting. On the guide they said that the Ministry was the biggest set they ever did without using much CGI. Tom Felton also said he remembers walking on the set and it took his breath away at first because it was so huge and amazingly beautiful.


 The fireplaces and some costumes on the left and on the right the frightening sculpture.
Of course not far away from these was Umbridge's office. "Shades of Pink" was the title. 
What better description?

After the Ministry of Magic you could walk into an area with drinks and foods to take a break. No we didn't drink a butter bear because we were afraid to spend too much money on something that's supposed to taste weird. We directly went outside to see some othe requisites.

full view of the Knight Bus

 We took the time to take some pictures of us standing in front of the different spots outside.
Here's weird looking me 8D

Aaaaaand acting Caro and me sitting on Hagrid's bike 8D 

Inside again we came to the Creature Shop. 
So terrifying but some were really interesting to see how they managed to make them. 

I personally just posted this picture because of Dobby xD 
It's so funny how he looks at you from behind the books~

Next stop: Diagon Alley!
This was also one spot where I nearly cried. 
And I decided: I will go to Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

A part of the Tour I really liked was the Art Work corridor and the rooms full of the modelmaking for all the CGI effects and more complicated locations such as the Burrow or the Hogwarts Castle. Just amazing to see! There was also a room filled with schemes and scribbles for the different creatures and places. Most people quickly went through that room, but I took the time with my friends to look at some details. Guess we have to as ongoing graphic designers 8D"

Here's a picture of my favorite artist who worked for the movies; Rob Bliss.
His artworks are exactly my taste and I still have a picture of a Death Eater mask as Lock Screen on my iPhone. I would have bought a print if they had one.

 There was only one part left after this. Emotional moment here I come again,
last but not least: the Hogwarts Castle

 It's huge! As you can see with the people on the right. The light changed to simulate the different times of a day, so nice. None of us wanted to leave... 

✝ ✝ ✝

I don't really know what to say now. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I could make some of you Harry Potter fans happy. Please take your time and save some money to go see the studios if you really love Harry Potter! It's definitly worth it. We spent 6 hours inside, shop and tour all together. And you know what? I want to go again and I probably will.

Do you love Harry Potter too? Please let me know~
♡ xoxo ♡
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Outfits from February

This type of post will be a monthly topic from now on! Only if I don't have enough to share with you, I'll make it every 2nd month. I thought I should post my outfits more regularly since this is also supposed to be a fashion blog 8D" I will post all kinds of outfits, also the "non-gyaru" ones. I apologize for the bad picture quality but I only use my iPhone 5s because my good camera is way too big and heavy. (I think about getting a smaller one.) Would you also like to know what make-up products I used? Please let me know :3

✝ ✝ ✝


 Dress: SexPotReVenge - Jacket: Ghost of Harlem - Shoes: UNIF
Choker: Ebay - Necklace: amazon

✝ ✝ ✝

Shades of Black

 Top&Bra: H&M - Leggings: Punk Rave - Shoes: Asos
Choker: Asos - Necklace: amazon

✝ ✝ ✝

Leather & skulls

 Top&Jacker: New Yorker - Trousers: Tally Weil - Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Sixx  

✝ ✝ ✝

Casual Vamp

 Top: Jaw Breaker - Jacket: H&M - Leggings: Punk Rave - Shoes: Asos
Choker: Asos

✝ ✝ ✝


 Top: Jaw Breaker - Skirt: Cool Cat - Jacket: New Yorker - Tights: Primark - Shoes: UNIF
Choker: Ebay - Harness: Alienmoé

✝ ✝ ✝

If you got any questions regarding the things I'm wearing or what so ever, just write it in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

That's it for today!
See you soon~

♡ xoxo ♡
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4th Intl Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet-up

Hello everyone~
Here I am again after a long time. I know I said I'd blog much more but I didn't have anything to blog about, except maybe my meet-ups with my dear friends. But since I always post a lot of pictures on my instagram, I didn't want to just "copy" everything in here. Please check my instagram out if you want to see more updates of me! I post a lot of outfit pictures and other fun stuff on it.

Let's start with what I actually wanted to blog about! 
The big annual Gyaru Winter Meet-up in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

It was such a great weekend, I was so happy to see all of my friends again and have a nice weekend after all the university stress going on before. Ina, Sui, Brandon and me drove over to Frankfurt on friday already because we didn't want to stress ourselfs as much as last year. First we thought about seeing some of our friends but when we were in our hotel/hostel, we didn't want to move anymore and just wanted to lay in bed, cozy, and talk. We wore our Kigurumi or cozy pijamas and I mean didn't we look fabulous? The staff was really surprised when they saw us...

picture is from Sui
On Saturday the big meet-up took place. We first met everyone at the train station just like last year and surprise we were part of the first ones arriving. That's a first. I was so happy to see a lot of my friends again which I didn't see in a really long time and I was just running around to talk to everyone while Ina and Sui went to McDonald's to not freeze to death. Btw here's my outfit and make-up from that day~ (Riina photobombing me of course)

When everyone was there, we went to the venue the hosts rented for us. It was really nice! It was a really good idea to do so. (please click on all the pictures to look at them in HQ)

picture from Miku-chan
The hosts planned a whole schedule at the venue which was really nice. In between I tried to talk to a lot of people too, but it's so hard! There were so many and I often talked to someone and then we got stuck in a conversation. That might be the reason why I didn't take that many pictures. I got to know new people too and I can only say it again: I am so thankfull for this meet-up! On this picture you see the venue a bit and my table with my babies on the right.

On the schedule there were an introduction, a little bring and buy, para para, the giveaway and the awards. When Kitai and Kyo made the introduction, I told my friends at my table that I bet they forgot that I come from Luxembourg and that they might add me to the girls from NRW, Germany. But I thought wrong! They didn't forget me~ cutie pies called me on stage with the girls from Spain. I felt like a stupid unicorn again as the only Gal from Luxembourg. I wonder if I'll always be the only one. I found one picture, from the cute Lau, of me on stage. (please don't mind my weird pose)

picture by Lau
The awards were, to be honest, a part I didn't really look forward to. I don't like these things because it starts some kind of rivalry, which I hate. We could vote in different cathegories for "the best" from one of the people attending the meet-up. Big minus: not knowing all the names was the worst when you wanted to nominate someone. Maybe next time we should get name tags or do the awards a bit later after everyone could talk a bit more with each other. Nevertheless it was quite nice, because everyone was cheering for each other. I even got nominated twice ;^; In Best Rokku Gyaru and Most Unique Style and I am sooooo thankfull for that! I didn't win, of course not because my friends Ina and Sui won in those cathegories, which I think is perfect. I have to admit that it made me feel really happy and more confident too. As a girl from Luxembourg, which seems to be the only Gyaru in that small country (at least active in the community), I always thought that people wouldn't see me. That they thought I'm not worth looking at because of my heritage. It might sound silly but I got so much negative feedback in Luxembourg for my style that it made me feel "unwanted". The meet-up itself and the awards made me realize that I'm part of something really big and I am happy where I am now. I am happy with who I am now and with the friends I have. It just feels right, which is the reason why I want to meet as many of my friends as possible and as often as possible too. I mean look at me and my friends, we were so happy on that day:

These are only a few of the pictures I took or friends of me took of us. I didn't want to put too many in here but I love every each one and saved every picture I could find. It makes me so happy to look at them and remember the great time together. When I saw the pictures friends of me took, I had to laugh. I mean look for yourself:

picture by Lau

I swear, this is NOT the only picture where I make a silly face, more to come. After we finished the schedule at the venue, we went to a karaoke bar and later we went clubbing all together. It was sooooo much fun! I always love that part so much. Let the pictures talk for themselfs~

pic by Chewiee
Kukki and me having way~ too much fun!
picture by Lau, stupid me...
Oh man... you get now what I mean? Lately it is so hard to find a good picture of myself from other people. I have the talent to pull a stupid face every freaking time.

clubbing group picture!
Well well well, we all went home the day after and we were all so happy and we still are. 

Thanks to Kitai and Kyo for organising the meet-up, the staff for helping and all the people who came. Hope to see you all next year!

Last but not least, our fabulous huge group picture!

Thank you all!
♡ xoxo ♡

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