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Harry Potter the Exhibition

Hi everyone,
I went to the Harry Potter exhibition in Cologne yesterday with my friends Kukki and Kim. The Exhibition is currently at the Odysseum in Cologne and it only shows part of the costumes and things used on the filmsets. It's definitly worth seeing if you are a Potterhead as I am. I was so happy to finally go there. I remember that the exhibition opened in Tokyo after I left and I was really sad about it. So now I could see it close to where I live.

I won't write that much about it, posting more pictures for you. I just want to tell you, if you can, go on a normal weekday. We went on a saturday and there were so many people there. You should get tickets in advance and you will be able to choose the time you want to enter, but we entered half an hour late and half an hour later we could finally go inside the exhibition itself. Before you can enter the exhibition itself, you will be able to take a picture with wands in front of a green screen where one picture costs 18€. We took one, but didn't buy it in the end. The exhibition starts with the sorting hat, who will choose some people and sort them into a house. After that you will see a little movie (which was hella pixelated on the screens which made me mad) and then you will enter through the Hogsmeade station, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express.

The exhibition itself isn't that big, but really nice and I found it so interesting to see. We had so much fun there that we were sad when we were at the end of it. We even thought about going through the whole exhibition again and the staff standing at the exit just looked at us and shook his head with a smile. I guess he's used to Potterheads by now.

Here are the pictures, click on them to see them in full size!

This was so funny. Kim, Kukki and I, all the three of us, pulled the Mandrake's out and they screamed so loud that we were shocked. Even the people around us were shocked and turned around looking madly at us. I'm sorry but that was just like in the book when the whole class pulled them out and Neville fainted. Hah~ Potterheads forever.

The exhibition wasn't really in the order of the movies but it was so nicely made with all the details. The black forest part even smelled like forest. The dementor hanging up the wall was freaking scary and the Dark Mark on the wall was perfect for the Death Eaters and the Voldemort corner.


All the creatures looked so scary but so well done.
I'm not scared by spiders but Aragog seriously gave me the creeps.

I still believe my letter got lost by a stupid owl.
Can you tell how happy I was?

Okay this is quite important for me! I nearly freaked out when I saw it. This is a book about the Quidditch World Cup and on the left, the second country is Luxembourg. This made me so happy that I queaked and my friends were laughing at me for doing it. But you know why I was so happy? It may be silly, I know, but Luxembourg gets ignored so often in movies and books and nearly everything. J.K. Rowling didn't ignore it, she even made it part of her story. I remember when I read it in the 4th book. I had to re-read it to make sure I didn't make a mistake. Run down the stairs to show my parents and I was laughing so much and yelling "OMG that means we are part of the wizard world!" I was still under the age of 11 when I read it, guess all you Potterheads now understand why I freaked out. There was even a flag of the world cup with the countries on it.

Maybe you can tell from the pictures that I was really into the graphics and layouts. I love the work of the designers. When I could I'd buy a couple of books or posters from the movie with the original designs. I hope I can get my hands on some of the things when I go to see the Studio Tour in London. Yep that's already planned now too. Going with Kim and my roomie Caro in february. Yai for more Harry Potter and yai for seeing London and maybe some friends too!

Pygmy Puffs!

The last part of the exhibition was the shop. Well... I will be honest with you. I was so looking forward to all of the merch and goods you could buy there. I saved money for it but when we entered the shop and walked a bit through, we realized that they had the same stuff all around that big shop and only boring stuff. They didn't even have the Marauder's Map or all of the wands. They had ugly cups, ugly magnets and candy for way too high prices. The only thing Kukki and I bought were the Pygmy Puffs because it was a more special merch than the rest. I will definitly spend a lot money in London from what I heard about the shop there. Thank you Kukki for letting me know and for not spoilering me too much!

Last but not least a picture of happy Kukki and me with our new babies. The whole exhibition itself made me so happy and I remembered a lot from the books and the movies. It kind of felt like we were the only ones in there being that happy about it. A lot of people with children were there and a lot of people looked at us as if we were aliens with our Slytherin scarves, Kukki with her Deathly Hallows shirt and me with my leggings. Or maybe they never saw a girl with purple hair and platform shoes before, might be it.

Hope you liked this post and tell me if you are a Potter head as much as we are!

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I'm not good at answering questions

I got nominated twice for the Liebster Award, once from Anna and once from my cutie Ina
Thanks girls!

First the questions from Anna:

What is your favorite thing in the whole world?
Does being in Tokyo count? D:

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have so many... Biggest definitly is Ian Somerhalder as Damon from the Vampire Diaries (yep just as Ina's too). Others are Yamashita Tomohisa, Tom Hiddleston, Dylan O'Brien, Jensen Ackles and many more

What's the one clothing item you couldn't do without?
My favorite pair of boots! I wear them nearly every day. Don't care if it's summer or winter.

If you could only wear one make-up item, what would it be?

What do you suck at?
That's not so easy to answer actually. There are things I'm not good at but I don't suck at them. I'm so sorry but I have no idea what to answer.

If you had a tote animal, what would it be?
A fox. I love foxes. I also love raccoons and cats but foxes have something special.

What is your biggest dream?
I don't have one. I already fullfilled mine 2 years ago.

What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?
1 - I drink way too much coke.
2 - I can never say no to cake.
3 - I won't stop dancing when I'm drunk.

What would be your dream outfit?
I don't have one dream outfit. I just want more rockish clothes that match my character.

What do you think is your most redeeming quality?
I am strong, mentally.
My friends always tell me that I am really strong, that I just put my crown back on right and walk my way, no matter what happened.

Have you ever had regrets about something you did?
I had, but things changed and I don't regret anything in life because everything lead me to where I am now and I am happy with my life now.

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

And the questions from Ina:

Your last weird dream? 
I have that one type of dream rather often. I travel somewhere and I realize I forgot my stuff, go back home and pack and get extremly stressed. And then my dream changes its subject,

The most favorite item you carry around? 
 My silver ring I got years ago from my mother. I won't leave my house without wearing it or having it in my pocket.

The most embarrassing story that ever happened to you? 
 I always thought it's really embarrassing when I made a serious mistake in one of the languages I was studying. Not in school but when I was talking to a person whose native language was that language.

The thing you love?
Dark colored Lipstick.

Tea or coffee? 
Depends on my mood.
Your obsession? 
Plush Alpakas.

The Song that represents you - your mind - your feeling at the moment? 
 Absolution - The Pretty Reckless

Your last picture on your phone and the story behind? 
 This picture is from Summer 2012. The day I met my dear Rui.

Last tumblr reblog? 
 The moon reminds me of you. So beautiful, so bright and so far away.

Last instagram picture? 
It's the same as the last one on my phone.

A quote you love?
Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

And last but not least, the 11 random facts about me:

I am highly addicted to anything Harry Potter related.
I am planning several tattoos and therefor saving money.
My cat is my little treasure.
I am way to honest, which is the reason lots of people don't like me.
I highly disliked Frozen.
I don't want to think about my future, 5 years from now.
If I could move to another country, far away, I would do it.
Some of my closest friends I got to know through my love to Japan.
I will never stop liking Japanese Fashion or Japanese Music.
I like to be alone but I hate to feel lonely.
This was so hard for me!

  ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

My nominees are:

This is silly but I'd like to nominate my readers. I follow lots of blogs with more than 200 followers and I thought some of you might like to do this too. I am happy for all of you reading my blog and following me on twitter, instagram and tumblr.

and here are the questions for you guys:

What country do you want to visit? - Which person is the one you couldn't live without? - Do you have any things you hate about people's behaviour? - Do you think it's important to be honest all times? - If you could change one thing about you or you life, what would it be? - Rock or Pop Music? - Your favorite accessory? - Do you get easily a crush on someone? - Have you ever been so disappointed by someone that you changed? - Are you addicted to anything? - Are you more of a TV series or a movie person?

♡ xoxo ♡
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This is not Halloween

Every once in a while I see my good friends Sui, Ina and Rui for a little meet-up. 
The best days so far! Last weekend we met in Düsseldorf, like most of the time, and spent a really nice day chatting.

As you see, we were all dressed as we love to. A lot of people were staring at us but we ignore them and are used to it now. We call ourselves the "Weird Hair Club", maybe we should make a little Gal Circle called like that hahaha~

picture by Sui
Sui loves to make special pictures and I am somehow always the one ending up doing some with her, but I love the results so much. I think these pictures show how much fun we always have. I would love to post all of the pictures we took, but my favorites should be enough.

picture by Ina

My outfit:

Dress, skirt and belt: Glavil by tutuha
Crop top: Tally Weijl
Tights: Primark
Shoes: UNIF Clothing

make-up shot
Foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadows: M.A.C cosmetics
Lips: Limecrime's Velvetines Black Velvet
Eyelashes: Dolly Wink no.2 + Diamond Lash Charming Eye
Circle Lenses: GEO Ultra

Thanks for reading!
♡ xoxo ♡

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